Heidi Walker Sermersheim

Heidi is a vibrant survivor
of the most aggressive
form of breast cancer.
As an inspirational speaker, 
she shares the story of her 
journey in how she 
discovered, fought and won
her battle with breast cancer! 
Share with her,
as she delivers her testimony
of courage and strength
in how she continues
to discover her
’will to live’  
Heidi is available
to speak at conferences,
events and for
one-on-one consultation.

Email Heidi at: altitudegirl@hotmail.com
or give her a call: (828) 275-3531

Books For Children

Useful Resources are Included Here (to view, simply mouseclick here)

08/31/2013 12:26
During my journey in 2004 my daughter was only 2.5 years old, so I looked for books to help me explain it to her.  Unfortunately, there simply were not many resources available at that time. However, since then there have been several books published which may help to explain this...



Gift of the Present: An Interview with Heidi Sermersheim

08/28/2013 12:22
"Heidi Sermersheim is an absolute inspiration to our team at the Center for Natural Breast...


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08/02/2013 17:12
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Heidi Walker Sermersheim

Asheville, NC 28803

(828) 275-3531


"Always know in your heart
- it is what you believe
not what you "know"
that will pull us through" 

Penned in 2005, 
by my sister, my friend 
and my inspiration 
Gail Metzger  (R.I.P.)